You can register on http://www.citybikeszeged.hu/en/registration and also find useful information on bike rentals.
Price: 200 HUF/hour, 1800 HUF/day
Opening hours: 06:00-21:00
Contact number: +3662 310 682 (06:00-24:00 - every day)
Rental Process
2. Call the console number (phone number format:+3620 442 70xx)
3. After authentication, enter the four-digit identification code (what you received via e-mail during the registration), then press the green button.
4. Select your bike, enter the number that is found next to the lock and then press the green button again.
5. Gently lifting the handlebar, remove the bike of choice.
Rent completion
- Place the bike back in the docking station.
- Lift the bike seat up a little, so the bike will fit in the station accordingly.
- When placing the bike back in the docking station, a yellow light will start to flash, after locking the bike, the light will stop flashing but remain on. The light will turn off when locking is complete.
- We advise you to check that the locking was successful. If the locking was not successful, please try it again or try another locker.
We would like to inform you that if the bike has not been locked correctly, you may be charged a fee according to the terms and conditions of the rental.
Docking points
Burger King Central  (Jókai u. 1.)  - 9 bicycle docking points

Burger King Drive (Makkorsházi krt. 2.) - 9 bicycle docking points

Novotel Hotel Szeged(Maros u.1.) - 9 bicycle docking points

Szeged Pláza  (Kossuth Lajos sgt. 119.) - 9 bicycle docking points

Rio Cafe  (Népkert sor 1.) - 3 bicycle docking points

Hunguest Hotel Forrás (Szent Györgyi Albert utca 16-24.) - 6 bicycle docking points

Szegedi Partfürdő & Camping  (Középkikötő sor 1-3.) - 9 bicycle docking points

University of Szeged TIK center (Ady tér 10.) - 12 bicycle docking points
University of Szeged Móra Ferenc college (Közép fasor 33.) - 9 bicycle docking points



CityBike Szeged Pass : 5.000 HUF/year

The City Bike Szeged provides special discounts for groups of schools & adults.

The discount is applicable from up to 10 person.

Fees: 500.- Ft (HUF) / day (students), 1.000.- Ft (HUF) / day (adult)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Via e-mail: info@citybikeszeged.hu or +3662 310 682

Co-operation with Velocitta


Telefonszám/fax: 06-62-310-359
Nyitva tartás: 09:00-17:00 -ig (munkanapokon)
Nyugi Kert
DARU Közhasznú Egyesület

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